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GETEC has many years of development experience in the field of drivetrain.

After several years of market analysis and customer demand, and in the background of energy saving and emission reduction.

GETEC launched a self-developed range extender system, committed to the full platform adaptation of commercial vehicles.



GETEC’s first-generation range extender system integrates light weight, high efficiency and low cost. The system engine adopts Japanese all-aluminum structure, which greatly improves the stability and economy of the system. Matched with the GCU, VCU and motor jointly developed with Germany, it optimizes energy management while achieving a perfect balance of emission regulations and drivability; it not only solves the endurance range for users and also saves operating expenses for commercial vehicle users.

Advantages of Range Extender System


The range extender system is composed of vehicle control unit (VCU), an engine control unit (ECU), and a generator control unit (GCU).The VCU directly controls the ECU and GCU to realize the low-voltage power-on and power-off of the range extender system start-up and power control functions. The VCU control software developed by GETEC can coordinate the orderly cooperation between the modules of the range extender system through reasonable energy & torque management strategies, functional safety analysis and failure handling and maximize system efficiency and battery life.

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