Global (China, Europe, Germany) Passenger Vehicle (PV) sold in September

In the past third quarter, Chinese auto sales showed rapid growth and the industry rebounded steadily. 1.92 million PV were sold in September, up 21.58% year-on-year and 2.8% month-on-month. But the growth rate started to slow down. With three months of continuous growth, the third quarter was the best quarter for sales so far. In the third quarter, Chinese PV sales total 14.87 million units, up 2.98% year-on-year. The sales of NEPV continued to rise in September, up 83.15% year-on-year to 0.61 million units. Among them, BEV accounted for 23.74% and PHEV accounted for 8.03%. From January to September, the cumulative sales of NEPV were 3.87 million units, up 112.44% year-on-year.

In September, the EU, EFTA and the UK registered 1.05 million units new PV, up 7.94% year-on-year. Sales declined in the same period last year due to parts shortages, making this year two consecutive months of year-on-year growth, but sales are still below the level of the same period in 2019. From January to September 8.27 million units were sold in Europe, down 9.73% year-on-year. As the fourth quarter approaches, Europe will face a more severe energy crisis, which will have a considerable impact on European companies and the automotive market this year.

Germany registered 224,816 units new PV in September, up 14.14% year-on-year, the highest increase in the previous months. The cumulative sales volume till September were 1.86 million units, with sales picking up from August to September, but still down 7.42% compared to last year. The sales volume of NEV in Germany was 72,725 units in September accounting for 32.3% of the vehicle market. Among them, 44,389 units of BEVs, up 31.9% year-on-year, and 28,336 units of PHEV, up 24% year-on-year, accounting for 19.7% and 12.6% respectively.

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