GETIT™ SimuDrive


The SimuDrive tool developed bt GETEC is mainly used for:

  • Fuel consumption simulation(NEDC/WLTC cycle etc.)
  • Performance simulation
    • Acceleration performance
    • Re-acceleration performance
  • Drivability simulation
    • Acceleration(from standstill)
    • Acceleration(from constant)
    • Saw Tooth &Tip in(Busy shift check)
    • Real Road Cycle(eg. Typical drive cycle from RLD)
    • Generating and optimizing shift map
  • ECO shift map/Sport shift map
  • Pedal map checking and optimizing

SimuDrive consists of three modules:

  • Input data interface
  • Calibration tools interface
  • Evaluation interface

The results from SimuDrive will be used as base shift map for vehicle detailed calibration. From experience, the results be implemented to vehicle could achieve a good status and fulfill the main target of the desktop calibration.

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