GETIT™ RatioLyzer

The GETIT™ RatioLyzer tool is developed to support gear ratio design. The transmission ratio spread is a key impact on a vehicle’s dynamic and economic performance, which are the most fundamental and important character of vehicles.

The GETIT™ RatioLyzer is applicable to both traditional combustion engine vehicles and various types of hybrid layout. By using the tool, the engineer could consider the ratio selection on multi-dimension requirements, e.g. top velocity, climb ability, acceleration, fuel economy, maneuverability, ratio layout homogeneity…

RatioLyzer Tool is supporting engineer:

  • Research & define the ideal ratio for ICE/ hybrid/ EV, according to
    • Performance requirement
    • Efficient matching rate
    • Avoid potential NVH risks
  • Review the practicable ratio in the target application

The tool provides flexible layout, visualized curve & data, comparable results to ensure the high efficiency of engineers.

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