Facing the Market Challenge——Solutions for New Energy Drivetrain Product Development

April 19~20, 2019, THE 11TH TM SYMPOSIUM CHINA was successfully held in Shanghai.

While introduce transmission upgrading technology, this event will mainly present the rules and technical requirements of electric vehicle, and technical strategy, creative technology, solution, R&D and application of drivetrain system. After 10 years, TMC has become the most influential transmission and drive technology conference in China.

In the critical period of the electrification and new energy transformation in the automotive industry,on the occasion of a new decade in TMC,GETEC takes the chance to present the theme of “Facing the Market Challenge——Solutions for New Energy Drivetrain Product Development ”. Mr. Florian Stallforth, Director of GETEC Germany, introduced the challenges faced by the drivetrain,such as: the restructuring of the automotive industry, the adjustment of government regulations, the improvement of customer requirements, etc., GETEC has put forward various solutions to this; At the same time, GETEC also Presented its technical capabilities and experience in Drivetrain Product Development, Vehicle Engineering Services, Drivetrain & Vehicle Testing and Smart Mobile.


Dr. Xue Xiang, General Manager of GETEC, pointed out in the interview: In the future, intelligent and electrified is an opportunity and also a challenge for traditional engineering companies. The past technology experience can be well extended or transferred to the new automotive technology field. With in-depth development of automation and electrification and high integration of transmission products and simplified hardware structure, software will play an increasingly important role in the future; at the same time, comprehensive product testing and verification is also the most important one in the development process. All-round verification guarantees the quality of products and better adapts to the end market.


As an international engineering development and testing company, GETEC not only has advanced technology in Germany, but also has its own unique insights in localization development capability, localization testing capability and localized supply chain system management, which also enables domestic customer to develop. In the process of cooperation, we can better serve the actual needs of industrialization.


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