2020 Aachen Colloquium Virtual Conference Successfully Achieved

We were honored to participate in Aachen Colloquium’s first virtual conference, with thousands of guests from the world on the cloud to express their views in the face of current challenges and opportunities.

Mr. Joachim Trumpff shared his views to the questions concerned from participants: the biggest challenge of the HSEM Project was to define the requirements, catch the strong target of power to weight ratio and finish this project within shortest time. GETECs’ contribution to sustainable mobility within this project is to reduce the usage of limited resources for an e-motor. To reduce it about 1/3 by applying higher speeds while the power is comparable. For cooling the HSEM is using sperate cooling between transmission and e-motor. High speeds are critical for NVH. With well preparation and simulation, NVH challenge is possible to overcome.

Virtual booths efficiently improve the visit and can allow visitors more time for in-depth discussion with experts.

We have received professional and efficient support from Aachen Colloquium team and make us have good preparation. We are very grateful for this. Look forward to meeting you again in 2021 Aachen Colloquium.

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