2019 Aachen Colloquium, GETEC speech and booth reminder

Speech/Booth reminder:

Speech topic :Dual electrification inside – A multistage DHT
Speaker:Mr. Florian Stallforth
Venue: K1 Aachen
Time: 8:30-9:00,   09.10.2019

GETEC will present Dual electrification inside – A multistage DHT from Mr. Florian Stallforth with below highlights:

A field of tension between various interacting factors such as installation space restrictions, consumption targets, hybrid functionalities, comfort requirements, market restrictions and cost targets marked the frame for a comprehensive concept search. For the selection, several gear-set and motor integration concepts were examined and compared to benchmark in NEDC consumption simulations. From all available results, the target system was finally filtered out systematically.

The structure and the development process of the resulting 4-speed gearbox with dry clutch and electromechanically operated shifting elements in AMT design, will be explained in more detail in the article. Likewise, the advantages of the functional integration of two electrical machines are discussed.
In addition to the high efficiency due to the conception and the choice of components, the present system is characterized by variable use of serial to parallel hybrid operation. The disadvantages of the AMT design and the theoretically expected loss of comfort are compensated by the interaction between software and hardware and the targeted control of the electric machines.

Booth No.: 62

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